"I deserve better than your silence."
Anonymous asked:
You're my dream girl.

I really doubt that, but that’s really cute either way, awh

Anonymous asked:
Wish I could be there to hold your hand and let you cry into my shoulder. I hate when people are sad, it makes me sad even when I don't know them.

Fuck you’re cute. Don’t be sad, I’ll be okay. Thank you for cheering me up, guys. ❤️

Anonymous asked:
I'm holding you from across the web Please don't be sad, let me know if I can help x

❤️You are the best though. Really I appreciate this so much

Anonymous asked:
I miss you beautiful. I wish I was there to hold you.

I wish you could too. Thank you, cutie 😔

I’m so sad and there’s no one here to fucking hold me and my mom is coming home soon so I gotta stop fucking crying so much